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Welcome to Pulse, the agency that drives value for business.

Why Pulse

"We believe delivering value is the best way to achieve great results, which is why we put it at the core of everything we do."

Lauren Fried - Founder & Managing Director


We see the value in striving for greatness.


We know the value of inspiration. It's part of our daily practice.


We understand that guiding our business with heart brings value to everyone.


We believe that our value is driven by the success of our clients.

The 7Ds are how we deliver value to your business by unlocking the solutions we need to solve your business challenges.

Pulse marketing strategy using the 7Ds

Process 01

Decide the problem we need to solve.

Process 02

Discover the information we need.

Process 03

Determine the relevant people and touchpoints.

Process 04

Devise the strategic platform.

Process 05

Develop the creative idea.

Process 06

Deliver the work.

Process 07

Diagnose how the activity went.

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Things to consider

Before you get in touch, below are some questions we usually as potential new clients before an introductory session. In order for us to work our how best to help you, please consider some of the below.

Do you currently do any marketing?

What type of activities have you done?

What is your marketing budget?

What do you see as the main strengths of your business?

What do you see as the main weaknesses of your business?

What opportunities do you think the business should be taking advantage of?

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We're always looking for talented, like minded people. So send us your resume outlining why you would like to join us.


Management Team

With a wealth of experience, we’re a team that’s driven by results and a passion for ideas that add value.

Lauren Fried

Lauren Fried

Founder & MD

Lauren is the Founder and Managing Director of Pulse Marketing. Lauren is also a regular panelist on the ABC’s Gruen Planet.

Rebecca Purser

Rebecca Purser

General Manager

Bec is the fire in the engine of Pulse. She has a genuine desire to have us performing at our best and working to our strengths.

Nick Prowse

Nick Prowse

Creative Director

Nick brings over 12 years of international creative experience to Pulse. He’s a media neutral and business minded creative leader.



  • Marketing Strategy and Plan
  • Outsourced Marketing Department
  • Media Planning & Buying
  • Research
  • Direct Response



  • Branding
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Promotions
  • Point of Sale
  • Internal Communications



  • Digital Banners
  • Electronic Direct Mail
  • Websites
  • Social Media and Content
  • Video



  • TV and Video
  • Print
  • Outdoor
  • Digital
  • Events