Reptile Parties for Kids
Melbourne, Sydney, Australia!

reptile party

Extraodinary entertainers are their businesses are sometimes hard to find in the clutter of the web.
When your child turns five or six years old, there is literally only one opportunity to get it right.
After all, your child will only ever have one fifth birthday party.
Do you get a clown, a magician, take the kids ten pin bowling or what?
Age does make a difference, but when all is said and done, it still has to be memorable.
Mobile animal farms have been around for years, but a relatively new kids on the block for kids parties in Sydney and Melbourne in Australia is the reptile party!
This was invented by the Snake Man Raymond Hoser back in the 1960's.
They were outlawed across Australia in the 1970's and stayed that way for decades.
In 1993, Raymond Hoser published the best selling book Smuggled: The Underground Trade in Australia's Wildlifewhich allowed mobile reptile and wildlife shows to operate once again.
Because of the history of armed raids by wildlife officers on animal keepers over the previous 2 decades, the concept of wildlife shows at events and the like was a bit slow getting started.
But by the early 2000's the market was saturated and so the payers looked to revisit the concept of wildlife parties.
Raymond Hoser re-created the reptile parties he had started in the 1960's and 1970's, but with the improvements that came having been in the reptile game for a few more decades and incorporating a lot of what he had learnt.
Government-owned zoos attacked Hoser and his reptile party business, ostensibly because they were "a disaster waiting to happen" and they had "no educational value whatsoever".
These were the exact words used in court to describe Hoser's reptile parties.
Hoser stuck to his guns and after getting hammered in court by a corrupt magistrate and a couple of bent judges, he won every round and was finally vinficated when several appeal court judges ruled that Hoser's reptile party shows were safe and not a disaster waiting to happen, as well as the obvious fact that they indeed have educational value.
Other wildlife displayers in Sydney, New South Wales and Melbourne, Victoria ganged up on Hoser in the legal proceedings as they saw Hoser's deminse and destruction as being in their commercial benefit.
To protect his innovative idea, Hoser registered the trademarks "reptile party" and "reptile parties" for his hands on wildlife parties.
By 2015, the reptile party was one of the most popular reptile incursions in the wildlife display market.
Kids Reptile parties in Melbourne are now seen every weekend of the year being done in homes in all suburbs at one time or other.
For a young child, getting a reptile party invitation is one of the best things they can get on a day at school.
School incursions with live reptiles and other wildlife have been around for years now and they are one of the most popular events in the school calendar.
But in terms of numbers, there are way more reptile party displays happening on a week by week basis.For that matter the idea has gone global, with thousands of kids having now experienced a reptile party or something similar.
We've seen them in action in the USA, Canada, UK, South Africa and a number of Asian countries.
Yes the kids reptile party really is a global phenomena.

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